Music Mondays: Savannah

Today’s Music Monday is really special – I feel honored to share it with you, friends. About a month ago, I posted about having guest musicians share on this blog and today is the first Brianna Branches Out post not written by Brianna ;).

Savannah has graciously written about her musical experiences below, as well as shared a video of her and some family members singing together. It’s awesome, please enjoy:

“My mom grew up playing piano, so we also grew up in a pretty musical environment. I still remember that, when we were younger, she would play the piano and we would all dance. But we kids didn’t really get into music until us three older girls performed in our first homeschool talent show.

Days Of Elijah, Blue Skies And Rainbows, and Water From The Well were the three songs we chose to sing, and we had an amazing time. So of course when we heard that our church was having a talent show, we had to join in!

Adding in the two younger siblings, we sang the same medley and once again had a blast! Singing in those two talent show are two of my favorite musical experiences.

Ever since that first talent show, we’re been big into singing and music. Singing with relatives, with friends, and with each other are some of our favorite things to do!

This video is of me, two of my siblings, and my mom singing one of our favorite songs. Please excuse the odd faces (and my mom looking way to the right); we were all desperately trying not to laugh. This is… oh, take 27 or so. We have a problem with the giggles sometimes :).”

There’s a Stirring from brianna branches out on Vimeo.

This family and their heart for God and for music is inspiring. A huge thanks to Savannah for wanting to be a part of this! Keep making music!

If you are interested in writing, recording, or sharing something for Music Mondays on Brianna Branches Out, please email me at Thanks!


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