I am very overwhelmed by the amount of blessings I have experienced in the past two days! I’m not the best at summarizing events, so instead of giving a play by play, I just want to make a list of things I am truly grateful for.

1. Meeting June, a woman close in age to myself, and bonding over our love of British accents, a Capella music, and the word of God.

2. Learning how to properly cut a mango thanks to Julia! And I’m just thankful for all of the new fruit we’ve been given to try.

3. Having Sherry order food for us and actually knowing what we were eating…

4. Praising God, praying, and singing in two languages, but with one heart.

5. Pineapple cake and hot and sour soup. Mmmm.

6. Cute kids on the subway!

7. Walking to and from the church everyday and appreciating the sights, sounds, and people around us.

8. The opportunity to spend time with new friends and go on adventures tomorrow and Tuesday (more to come on that later!)

9. Learning that laughter is universal and creates bonds of friendship faster than words.

10. Truly understanding the meaning of having a family in Christ.

I am so grateful to be in a beautiful place with beautiful people having the experience of a lifetime! Thanks for all your prayers!


Dumplings and iced coffee with tapioca!


Playing pictionary!

Some readers and church members!



Adventure Bound!

Tonight was our first official training session for our Let’s Start Talking mission trip to Taiwan (June 2015!!!)

Our team is unique in that we will be English teachers by day and singers by night 🙂 We get the wonderful opportunity to use our voices to glorify God and entertain/encourage our readers with music in a way that no LST team has ever done before. As members of a quartet (+ our director), we will spend the next couple of months preparing our minds, hearts, and singing voices for a mission trip unlike any I have ever been on.

I was asked to describe how I was feeling about the trip at tonight’s training session and I chose the word blessed (hashtagblessedyaknow?) because I am honored to be a part of such an incredible trip, with beautiful people, doing what I love, while experiencing something completely outside of my comfort zone. I know it will be scary at times, but I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do something new and exciting, while also building relationships with my friends and with people I have yet to meet. All in all, I’d say “Adventure is out there!” (Up anyone?)

Today’s session also provided the inspiration for my blog title as we discussed John 15. When we fully trust in Jesus to be our foundation, the vine that we root into, and the source of our sustenance, then we have the strength and the ability to do His good works and produce fruit for his kingdom. As I metaphorically “branch out” into the world, I want to spiritually remain a branch that is fully dependent on Him.

I’m not sure how this whole blog thing will go, but I must admit that my motives for starting are kind of selfish. I have a horrible memory, but I am also afraid of forgetting significant moments, epiphanies, and people. I’m hoping that committing to blogging about my Taiwan experience will help me be more aware of the blessings around me and the beautiful ways that God is working in my life. I also hope to look back and smile at all of the people, places, and stories that God wove in with my own, fully appreciative of it all.

Thanks for reading and for your thoughts and prayers for our team as we prepare for our little adventure 🙂